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Nessuno mi pettina beno come il vento (Nothing combs my hair like a wind) Alda Merini

With no human hand to intervene and arrange matter in time and space, wind and light perform a constant cycle of crescendo and decrescendo. 

Since the 19th century, the point of view of city dwellers has shaped perception of the “countryside”. In countless paint-ings, bourgeois society appropriated the landscape as a roman-tic recreation area, transforming it into a world of longing and escape, an image tourism has gratefully embraced since the end of the 19th century. Anyone who speaks of  land and land-scape today can fall back on a flood of instant images that usu-ally have little to do with the reality of the people living here.

site specific installation, steirische herbst, das andere heimat museum, schloss lind, murau, austria, 2020 
single chanel video  9’07” | beamer, toilet paper, glass haus | text: cormac franklin