LICHTTROMMEL is a permanent installation in Graz, which aims to draw attention to the growing threat of extreme national movement by transforming the light canopy into a representation of the TIN DRUM from Günter Grass’s novel of the same name. The installation expresses “noise”, attention, life and artistic statement, embodying active public action. The place, Andreas Hofer Platz, is a familiar and at the same time strange, stable, boring, abstract “enclave” in the city center. The central feature, the 28m high pillars, a lamppost, the main source of light for Andreas Hofer Platz, it is a massive undefined monument. In the installation, as in the novel, the tin drum acquires a string of associations emphasizing social distress and political urgency for a population in denial of growing oppression and crimes against humanity incapable of resistance.

permanent installation, andreas hofer platz, graz, austria, 2021 | material: steel, aluminium, holz | size: h 28m | drum: ø 5m | sticks: l 6m | roof: 600 m2 painted red | construction: stefan lozar | set up: nemi vitija / matin huth | photos ulrike rauch


FIRST - opening with christian f.schiller - COMPOSITION | markus deutschmann - PERFORMANCE

SECOND  - benjamin klug & jan krizanic SCHLAGZEUGABTAUSCH | vera hagemann - PERFORMANCE