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How we screen out our memories? Does it depend on where they come from and where they get to? Can we stop them anytime and anywhere by ourself? Can we freeze frame our life? Do we have memories from imaginary stories? One Off is an experimental video about stories which at times are vanishing or blurred and at others are transparent and clear-cut. It is about undeviating, straight memory within logic and its boundless possibilities in the realm of imagination. It is about how we remember and see. To see is not only related to the eyes but above all, it is a neural process and even more, it is a mental process. Within this analogy, to see depends not only on our hardware, eye-brain but also and essentially on our software, our culture and past experiences. Thus what we see depends on us, not as a species, a common hardware but as individuals, personal software.

singel channel video, color, no dialogue, aspect ratio 16×9