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Our world is a predominant of luminous sensations and moving forms. Biologically, we see the world around us as a series of constantly shifting frames of light and motion. Intellectually, we interpret these images, turning motion into momentum, based on our frames of reference, which are formed mainly by society. And in a culture geared towards standardization and mediocratization, those who perceive things differently, who have an alternative point-of-view, are marginalized and excluded. With no catalyst for change, our perspective becomes increasingly homogenized, and inertia sets in. Motion becomes momentum. Momentum is determined by the individual. The individual is a threatened species.

The installation consists of video and text projected onto a series of tulle screens, each with a hole of decreasing diameter in the center. 
The film, Azotara, explores light as a sensory material. Shadows framed in rectangles of light move and merge, how these motions are interpreted depends on the viewer. The text is a convers(at)ion composed of Viber messages exchanged between two of the threatened species of individuals, and an Artificial Intelligence conversion copywriter, a tool without the capacity to form an independent opinion or perspective but which regurgitates content found on the Web.

2021, elevate, graz, at | text: k.ada & cormac franklin | photos © clara wildberger