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All matter is alive and in process: a complex, interwoven web of materials, all affecting each other, competing, forming alliances, initiating new processes and dissipating others. In the entire universe there is not a particle which is still for the minutest part of a second, instead they ceaselessly draw lines in space. The stars, planets, our planet, flow and ebb, our hearts and thoughts, our dreams, all constantly move, vibrate and march unstoppably. Starting with the micro-motion of the particles of the four states of matter, continuing with a soft breath, to the sway of our emotions, storm-laden passion, thoughts running round our minds, and past experiences floating in our brain, everything is constantly moving, shaping its own choreography. In this project we can observe how things are connected and how they interact. How non-human things can perform for human bodies and what kind of  impact they made on them. The interconnectedness of elements, floating around space,  create unique choreographic pieces. Then human bodies convert into an audience for performing non-human matter. In Four states of matter choreography leap over its anthropocentric framing to explore non-human matter.

A Spanish philosopher Javier García Aparicio said If we assume that choreography is movement, we can say that it is the oldest and most present art form in the world. Heraclitus, one of the first Greek thinkers, states that the essence of reality is in motion. Nietzsche contravenes all the historiographical tradition presents ancient Greek culture as transfixed between two elemental forces: the Dionysian and the Apollonian. The Apollonian is order, measure, reason, stillness, LIGHT, concept, limits, explicit … SCIENCE. The Dionysian is chaos, constant flux, becoming, persevering and creative MOVEMENT which makes forms and swallows them, the breaking of boundaries, the implicit and mysterious … ART.

The motions of bodies: Four states of matter shows a choreography as a bond of various bodies in relation to time and space. The installation reveals dance as an art of movement, all kinds of dynamic constellations, created consciously or not. It’s about spreading the concept of choreography beyond the human body, including in it the art of structures in which movements occurs; structures and forms that arise as a luminous flux…to stress the relevance of light and space in descriptions of the topography of the bodies. The installation shows four different choreography pieces created through audiovisual installation. Each piece deals with the motion of one state of matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

audiovisual installation | esc medien kunst labor, graz, austria, 2015 | five-channel video, color, stereo, no dialogue, aspect ratio variable
soundscape by: Anders Vestergaard & Kåre Elers (DK)