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Danube Treasuers is an experimental documentary video about the state of the contemporary world, focused on the waste in the Danube river. The main tool used in the film is the natural light, which changes the visual ap-pearance of the waste and turns it into the treasure of the river. Harshness and poetry reveal the dirtiness of the environment, showing the wisdom of the Earth from an anthropological angle. The poetic frame of the film reflects the passing of time, and questions our future Earth. The abstract and blurry form, which appears in the film, represents fragility, but at he same time remains open to multiple interpretations.

single-channel video, 04’53”, color, stereo, no dialogue, aspect ratio 16×9

awards: First Prize “Golden Drop” at the International Film and Water Event, South Korea | Collections: Gislaveds Art Collection, Sweden; 1 of 5 copy

Screening: Art:Screen, Sweden//New Filmmakers, New York, USA//Shortz Festival, Serbia//IFF Massage to the Man, Sankt Petersburg, Rus-sia//  Danube VideoArt Festival, Grein, Austria//The MIA, Moving Image Art Sceening Series,  Pasadena, USA//International Environmental Film Festival, FIFE, Paris, France// Cinema Planeta, Environmental Film Festival//Mexico// Eco Zine, International Film Festival, Zaragoza, Spain/The International Water and Film Event, South Korea /Another Experiment by Women Film Festival (AXW), New York//COP21, Paris, France Exhibition:  Museum of Contemporary Art, NS,Serbia// Royal Geographical Society Gallery London, UK/ Galleria Hoppa, Jyväskylä, Finland, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark