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my background is the examination of space, kinetic and light. from a sociological perspective i am interested in the relationship between the individual and the collective, and how this is affected by, and reflected in, our perceptions of the urban landscape. my work focuses on critical thinking and the search for the transformation of social reality. it reflects on the world and comments on its image, it is a tool and a means of its transformation. i am interested in public space, city space, the sphere of public communication, and ordinary people. public space is an opportunity to make art more accessible to all. in this way it is possible for the artist to move beyond mere social commentary and become an active participant in shaping the urban environment. i see this as a necessary evolution from the 19th century white cube concept of the “institutionalised” presentation of art to one that is more relevant to the 21st century. i see art as part of a democratic practice based on freedom. it contributes to a very specific purpose, namely to raise awareness, to consolidate and also to examine freedom and social rights, while democracy and freedom are a practice, not a given. democracy is indispensable to communicate in public spaces and to express ourselves. art is the voice that helps democracy to be kept alive, to explore and transform realities. in the creative process, the aesthetic part of the work, the use of space, light and putting and even setting the work in motion are key elements for me. my concept of work is always related to dynamics, kinetic images frequently feature with my practice.