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BANG BAN is my reaction to the abuse of power, interference in private space, corruption, humiliation and injustice. I think that the processes that accompany the everyday reading of the city and existence in public space have an influence on the  constitution of social behavior. Arranged in public space, prohibition and instruction  signs are part of a local element but their pragmatic significance, appealing to the  institutional order, often brings the freedom of society into question. The constitution of social behaviour is intertwined with the aesthetical, architectonic and social formation of pub-lic space. Therefore, every example of prohibition or surveillance in  public space is in need of questioning through art investigation; to ask; under what conditions do we accept the status quo; to ask what kind of social dynamics force  us to get used to the new reality; to ask what kind of processes tame us to become  accustomed to the prohibitions of common public life; to become indifferent and  not ask about the freedom of society. 

2020, public space, Graz (AT) | 50 x A0/ 50 x A1  printed aluminium plate | with Kolia