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The way of life that is offered by governments as paradise, founded on the exploitation  of others and in the destruction of nature, makes our body sick, poisoning the soul and  leaving us without the world. Extirpation of communism, implementation of consumer ism: the operation was successful but the patient is dying. Eduardo Galeano

The relationship between  humans and gulls, on the issue of waste, could be understood as mutualism: birds  get food and we get rid of waste that we generate. Unfortuneately it is an ecological  imbalance for which we are responsible. The difficulty of getting food at sea or on the  river has functioned as a regulator of the seagull population. However, this obstacle  has disappeared with the inexhaustible menu of dumping sites where they rummage  through the garbage in search of food.  We are not intimate with, but extraneous to our planet, thinking about aliens or rabid  dogs as a danger to humans, nonetheless we are the greatest danger that exists to  ourselves. The film was shot at a landfill site in Novi Sad, Serbia in cooperation with the local public utility for waste disposal.

mix media installation | galerie zwischenbilder, graz, austria, 2017 | single channel video 5’00”, colour, sound, 16:9 | 24 video still 10 x 15 cm printed on alu dibond L 2.4m  H 0.15m | text: cormac franklin