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publishing house: bum creaciones s.l. | c/ conde ureña,48 | 29012 málaga, spain 

isbn: 978-84-948819-8-5 | legal deposit number: al 527-2023

2023, Katarzyna Ratajczyk | light in the crack 

ada searches, seeks, picks out, perceives, feels and, above all, observes the world and confronts us with dilemmas that are part of our everyday life, yet “we do not have time” to devote even a single thought to them. it is only when inscribed in the installations she creates that these events appear to us in their singularity and often absurdity. she “translates” them, in a way, into a language or cultural code that we understand. ada’s works speak silently but nevertheless very clearly, legibly and powerfully. a whisper only becomes dominant when everyone is shouting. the subjects she chooses are not, however, indifferent to a human who remains human. freedom, the state, belonging, transience, hunger: she touches on values and states that each of us is acquainted with. each of us has experienced them or has certain beliefs about them. often we think they are unchangeable…as we pass by her works, it is necessary to adopt an attitude towards them, an attitude which can not be indifferent. perhaps this is the most significant feature of her works. it is not surprising that the documentation of her works is made at night, when we can see them better but it is also at night that we talk about the most important things. it is at night that we whisper most tenderly. we talk about the things which are most important and dear to us in the dim light of a lamp, candle, moon or dawn. light is a dominant theme in ada’s work. there is a crack in everything. that’s how the light gets in (1). she finds these cracks and sheds light upon them - for us. in fact, she is saving our very humanity.

(1) leonard cohen anthem